Working height : 10m

Platform height : 8 m

Platform Size : 2270mm x 810mm

Platform Load : 230kg (2 persons)

Dimention (LxWxH) : 0.00m x 0.00m x0.00m

Weight : 2150kg

Power : Electric


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The XG1008DC scissor aerial work platform is a new type of aerial work platform developed and
produced by XCMG. The operating height of the machine is 10m, the vehicle width is 0.81m, the rated
load is 230kg, and the maximum climbing capacity is 25%. The vehicle has a compact structure,
advanced performance and safety. With complete protection, it is a special model tailored for
construction users. It is pollution-free, green and environmentally friendly, stable lifting, easy to operate,
and easy to maintain. It can be widely used in factories, warehouses, airports, stations and other
industries, especially suitable Used in small working environment.

Product Performance Advantages and Characteristics

The use of high-efficiency and energy-saving electric drive system, zero emission, low noise, and non-marking tires are easy to be environmentally friendly and convenient for construction in closed environments such as office buildings, hospitals, schools, etc., which can minimize the impact on the environment.

The use of active safety protection mechanisms such as pothole protection mechanisms, equipped with
self-designed safety control systems, humanized design ideas, complete safety protection, and a wealth
of optional combinations to fully meet the multiple needs of customers for safety, reliability, and intelligence .

The structure adopts a narrow design, and the whole vehicle can easily pass through a single doorway.
With a foldable fence, it is more convenient to transport and shift.
Unique “zero turning radius” design, which can be used flexibly in narrow spaces.
Achieve a maximum load of 230kg, reaching the leading level in the industry
The fastest traveling speed is 4.0km/h, with 25% gradeability, making driving operations easier.



  • 2 front driving wheels
  • 25% theoretical gradeability-stowed/lowered position
  • Battery charge indicator and diagnostic display
  • Manual platform lowering valve
  • Both platform and ground control panel with emergency stop button
  • Rear wheel multi-disc brakes
  • Manual brake release system
  • Solid non-marking tires
  • Mobile pothole protection
  • Tilt alarm
  • Hourmeter screen
  • Lift and lower alarm
  • Horn
  • Dual flashing beacons
  • Drive alarm
  • Overload alarm



  • Platform working light
  • Air-line to platform
  • AC power to the platform
  • AC motor
  • Li-battery


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